Loading Bay Pocket Park [2017-18]

Landscape Installation.


In response to the notion of 'biophilic' cities, Birmingham's Green Living Spaces Plan and to simply revitalise a space previously just used for car parking, I designed and built a project that played with the ideas of pocket parks; historic and present flora; and edgelands, third landscapes* or the terrain vague. Industrial horticultural lighting boosts photosynthetic photon flux density in the hope that hardy trees will adjust and thrive. Native woodland wildflowers are scattered between a mix of non-native and native ferns and grasses, to eventually find their own balance and colonise the grilles, so that eventual desire lines may appear.

I supervised the cutting and removal of concrete; created the tree pits; sourced and planted trees; created concrete and timber seating; and installed lighting, water reservoirs, planting, grilles and other details.

park 2

planting drawing

design drawing design work