Fargo, Far Gosford Street, Coventry [2014-]

Working on various key elements of the wider scheme. With BPN architects

entrance structure design palette gate manifestations

"During the early years the trade was organised so that a small number of wealthy silk merchants, known as 'Great Masters', brought silk and patterns from France and Italy and delivered finished ribbons to retailers. The overseeing of the preparation of silk and weaving of the ribbons was done by an 'Undertaker', a middle man, who gave work to weavers. A weaver would be paid two thirds of the money paid to the undertaker for the completed ribbon. Weavers worked on handlooms in their houses, whole families would be engaged in the manufacturing process in various roles. Young people trained for seven years as apprentices to become journeymen weavers and the trade was passed through generations of families." [Amie Wiberley, Woven Threads Project]